Avans casino rp kırmızı

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Avans casino rp kırmızı

112 thoughts on “Avans casino rp kırmızı

  1. A pal of mine was playing Vice City on the ps2, got a huge roadblock going on, put c4 on, blew it up, console froze.

  2. I haven’t had a laugh like that in 5+ years funniest vid ever

  3. Omg get a load of this guy what the fuck are you doing? is epic!

  4. Both sides are kinda cringe but the way summit and stuff handled it was definitely more cringe

  5. Mr B just maniacally laughing when he heard the plan, absolute gold lmao

  6. 26:48 what car is that in the back? Is it a car thats only on gta rp?

  7. Yep I’m n or surprised everyone hated him and he got banned

  8. i cant imagine if it was X that was racing and someone doing what he is doing lol

  9. All he wanted to do was race yet when he realized he was late he chose chaos that day

  10. *X to random stranger*
    “Do u wanna do something fun?”

    *Random Stranger*
    “Yeah I’ve been flipping burgers all day in gta.”

  11. Greek is such a unfunny and useless addition. At least he didnt ask for money on this stream

  12. If ur mad 30 min after a RP incident ur a child, some fools mad about this for days man lol so embaressing

  13. Here missing old X and rewatching his old vods after his ban 🙁

  14. People always give X shit and to be completely honest I thought what they were saying was true.. Those motherfuckers are deceitful pricks, X is a hilarious mafucka and Im now a fan! 🤣🤣 I love these troll videos lol especially the ones against the pd!

  15. this is shit RP and if this ever happened to him he would go crazy. Good content dude(dull)

  16. I like how the 5 year old white gang bangers calling him a rat 🐀 like if you dont like it leave the stream

  17. Xqc is kinda a pussy here ngl, this right here is cringe like wtf, OH NO! THEY DIDNT JUST LET YOU RUIN THEIR RACE! How inconsiderate of them to not let him walk all over them lmao. Hes funny but whenever he does this shit, which seems to be A LOT, I get tired of watching him start shit then play the victim. Too much ego.

  18. Omg when he unhooked both trucks I died. Lmao.

  19. Considering this is a whitelisted RP server under what pretense were Xs actions viable? Wondering if I could do the same and also get away with it.

  20. Now imagine someone doing this shit to X. Hed mald for a week straight, revenge kill, call him out for no-fear RPing and go psycho.

  21. cops witnessing them murder someone. doesnt immediately open fire and lets them leave. is just weird. i hate this old shit.

  22. 13:16 oh shit I grabbed the wrong guy! 💀 bruh Im fucking dying 😂😂

  23. I was wheezing so hard when greek kept messing up the trucks, had to pause the video like 5 times to stop myself from puking of laughter

  24. Imagine if someone messed with X during his RP, he would cry sniper! and try get them banned. What a moron.

    1. Thats why people dont mess with his RP cz they know they will get targeted by his fanbase regardlessly, and the ones that do mess with him are genuine snipers 🙂

  25. 31:39 first time I learned about X through summits stream.. been watching ever since.

  26. lmfao, xQc youre fucking shit at setting up road blocks bro, But nice try none the less XD

  27. Im noticing a pattern. X causes some chaos to have fun. Someone retaliates more severely than is called for. X, fueled by pure spite, ends their existence.

  28. Thing is he was meta gamed he asked who’s in this jeep, looks at chat saying “X OMEGALUL” then meta games it. Does anybody find it odd grown men can’t follow rules that they set in place lmao I loved watching this live. Just looking back now. I miss xq’s old place and background

  29. Always ruining some RP for your own fun. What a douche bag

  30. RP was ruined by drama. At the end of the day it’s a damn video game and it’s gta for a matter of fact. A game where chaos is literally the point. Imagine being a grown man and being angry because someone hit you in game with a car causing you to lose imaginary race. You know how many times I’ve gotten ran off the road in regular gta? Bruh it’s a game. I get the point of rp is to be realistic, but it’s still a game and in game lives don’t really matter. If they would just have fun and not care so much then it would still be fun to watch.

  31. 12:33 dont mess with his races lmao 😂

    1. 20:18 Ive never seen this before?🤦‍♂️🤣

  32. Dude referenced who shot you- cash kidd and they sang tha whole wrong song

  33. 2 months later, people are still salty about this. lmao these commenters man.

  34. Wtf was the cop doing hearing shots and stops and keeps distance mf should of been poppin off

  35. Someone needs to edit a cam capture of him with a rat over his face!

  36. What car is that dude driving that pulls up on x during the roadblock I neeeeed it??!

  37. Wait lee cocks wasn’t even mod here, this only 8 months???? I swear he was

  38. He’s a dickhead, but what’s there to lose, as long as you finish the race your calm

    It makes for some funny content

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